Our Team

Charlie L. Beck

Senior Consultant & Advisor

Charlie Beck is a Senior Consultant and Advisor with TacLogix, Inc., bringing over 40-years of law enforcement experience to help public safety agencies and private sector clients work together to protect communities and build public trust. He provides unmatched insights and perspectives having served with distinction as Chief of Police of the Los Angeles Police Department from 2009 to 2018 and Interim Superintendent of the Chicago Police Department from 2019 to 2020.

In 2009, Charlie was appointed to serve as the 56th Chief of the LAPD. As Chief, he oversaw the Department's full compliance with a federal consent decree and instituted additional reforms to ensure LAPD would continue to embrace constitutional policing and community partnerships. He also expanded the LAPD's use of digital in-car video, implemented a new digital radio system, and led the nation by deploying 7,000 body worn cameras beginning in 2014.

Charlie is a national law enforcement leader who brought innovation and thoughtful leadership to navigate the changing dynamics of policing in the 21st century. Through his efforts, LAPD became the model for new programs to reduce violent and gang-related crime while building public trust with underserved communities.

In 2019, Charlie was brought out of retirement to lead the Chicago Police Department as its Interim Superintendent. He established a new Office of Constitutional Policing to improve ongoing reform efforts and reorganized the Department to increase clearance rates for violent crime investigations by assigning detectives to community police stations throughout the city.

Charlie began his career as an LAPD officer in 1977 working numerous patrol, detective, and administrative positions and quickly rising through the ranks to take on challenging assignments. He led numerous initiatives to repair police-community relations, reduce crime through innovation and data-driven strategies, and promote accountability and transparency through the use of technology and community-oriented policing principles.

Charlie is a second-generation LAPD officer with two of his children now serving with the LAPD and a third with the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department.